A Note from the Editor

Happy September everyone!

Summer is coming to a close. Time for pumpkin spice lattes, falling leaves and all that good stuff.  We will be taking a little break starting September 7 till the end of the month to sort through submissions, work on the ebook and get our *ahem* “stuff” together in general.  Keep those submissions coming! We will continue to read during the month of September, but no new work will be posted on the website during our break.

Also, we’ve extended our ebook deadline to October 1st!  So if you haven’t yet, send us your best poetry and flash fiction.

The ebook is coming along beautifully.  We plan to publish it in the beginning of December, and we will make the final announcement for the ebook date soon.  Thank you to our loyal readers and for all the wonderful submissions.


Abbie Copeland

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The Vintage Pharmacy – Derbyshire – Eleanor Leonne Bennett


“The Vintage Pharmacy – Derbyshire”

Eleanor Leonne Bennett is an internationally award winning artist of over fifty awards. She is an art editor for multiple publications around the world. Eleanor’s photography has been published in British Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. Her work has been displayed around the world consistently for six years since the age of thirteen. She is also a published writer and poet.  http://eleanorleonnebennett.com/

Jewess in a Forest – Rachel Kass

Jewess in a Forest

I cry vinegar I

forgive you I

imagine rain, 

dry meadow

quit kvetching, 

night bird 


I’m inappropriate

dinner table

serotonin level


this poem is yeast 

still thinking it will rise

Rachel Kass is working toward her MFA in poetry at California College of the Arts in San Francisco.  Her work can be found on tiny poetry : macropoetics and velvet-tail‘s upcoming Equinox issue. Rachel is an overzealous cat mom, a sock collector and a connoisseur of coloring books. Find out more at RachelKass.com.

When We Speak with Our Hands – Abigail George

When We Speak with Our Hands

This Cinderella city life
is a terrible
scar. Winter in
becomes a-glittering
after the rain
sweeps the heart
of the heat and
dust away off
the wet-slick of pavements.
Black, white,
colored, Asian.
Snow enchanting.
Here in winter
I am a girl again.
Here men walk
into brick walls
with their hands
balled into fists
without caring
if they hurt
themselves or not.
Not giving a damn.
Punches flying
through the air.
Here men walk
the talk from
drugs to evangelism.
The alcoholic
in the family
sates his thirst
with beer. Sucking
the liquid through
its open top
as if they are
something worthwhile.

Abigail George briefly studied film at the Newtown Film and Television
School in Johannesburg. She is an editor, feminist poet and writer.
She is the recipient of two National Arts Council writing grants, one
from the Centre of the Book and another from ECPACC (Eastern Cape
Provincial Arts and Culture Council). Her short story “Wash Away My
Sins” was nominated for the Pushcart Prize. She is also a member of
PEN SA. She is currently working on a young adult novel.