2 Poems – Ellie Hudson

All my girls

I keep losing babies
Each one of them I name Hope;
I braid their souls into my own
then tie it round my throat.
Whenever I try to forget
Put down and walk away
The noose cinches tight
And gives me pause to stay.
They keep saying, “Try again!
We don’t know why this breaks.”
So I keep losing babies
That are turning into snakes.
They slither through my bones.
They eat my blood and eyes.
All I can see is death
Crawling from my thighs.



My son keeps Mimics
in his room.
He doesn’t feel them
eat his heart.
He can’t even see
their pointy teeth.
“My dad gave this to me.”

He has let them endear themselves.
(Adhere themselves?)
He protects his perceived treasures.
(Little monsters.)
He cannot see through the deceit.
(Failed perception.)

My son keeps lies
in his heart.
He doesn’t let them
bring him down.
He tries to pretend
they are not bribes.
It is the only thing his dad gives him.

Ellie Hudson has a bachelor’s in psychology from Meredith College.  She lives in Kentucky with her best friend/husband and two wonderful sons.  She likes strumming her ukuleles, cross-stitching, coffee, cows, and playing table-top games with friends.   She has been previously published in The Rising Phoenix Review




Photo by Gabriele Diwald on Unsplash

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