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Consummate – Roopa Dudley

Consummate (LR)


Roopa Dudley is a Chess-Painter and an award winning artist residing in the suburbs of Maryland. She has been published in numerous Art & Literary Journals (online and in-print) as an artist as well as an art writer. Her book A Strategic Painter РMastermind Your Craft published in early 2014 has received lovely reviews on Amazon. For more chess art, check out

3 Pieces of Art – Savannah Loebig


“Self Portrait”



“The Hands”



“The Plight of a Woman”


Savannah Loebig is a perceptual painter who lives and works in the Washington, DC area. Savannah is currently a senior at George Mason University and will graduate with degrees in Anthropology and Painting in 2017. She is currently preparing for her Senior Thesis Show at George Mason University in 2017. Her current projects explore the relationships between cultural constructions and women in our society.

Chaos – Samantha Knight


Raised in Vernon, BC, Samantha Knight has always had a creative flare. During her studies at UBC, Okanagan, she was published in the local literary anthology, Papershell. Since graduating, Samantha has moved to Edmonton, AB, with her fiance and continues to write. Painting, however, is a new endeavor; she enjoys creating pieces that reflect on feminism and that manifest inner emotion.