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False Cognates – Miss Macross

False Cognates

he is a furry mammal he smells like cinnamon french toast he
always looks so warm

but sometimes i think he’s letting go of too much body heat he
looks like he’s using up too much energy trying not to be sad

i have bitter cold bony witch hands and
i can do nothing for him

Miss Macross is a Pittsburgh-based poet, tutor, witch, and painter. She is influenced by spacecraft, witchcraft, and personal experiences with trauma. Her work has been published in Philosophical Idiot, Rag Queen, Train, The Mantle, and Flash Fiction Magazine.


Crave – Kathie Giorgio


getting older
you find yourself
craving fruit
(clementines, peaches, pears, pears, pears!)
(zucchini, green beans, cucumbers)
instead of the meat
of your youth
(ribs, porterhouse, ¼ pound burger, rare)
eating safe now
instead of then
but craving then

Kathie Giorgio is the critically acclaimed author of three novels, two story collections and a poetry chapbook. Her fourth novel, In Grace’s Time, was released on 9/7/17. Giorgio’s stories and poems have appeared in countless literary magazines and anthologies. She’s been nominated for the Pushcart Prize, among other awards.