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Letter from the Editor

January 28, 2017

Dear Readers,

This letter comes a bit delayed and for good reason.  I’ve been thinking a lot lately how I, the editor of a women’s literary journal, would address the current events happening here in the United States.  To not address it would be unfair to you and to myself.

First let me say this: I know there are women who are on both sides of these issues. Those who are strongly against Trump, and those who are with him. There are women who marched (or wanted to) and there were those who had no interest.  I know there are women who are pro life and many who are pro choice.  But let me say this-

The beauty of being a woman (or a human for that matter) is that we get to choose.   And no matter what, the power to choose is one of the greatest powers of all.   But.  If you choose hate or cruelty or discrimination or abuse, be prepared.  Because I believe that women (and again, people in general) are filled with a lot more love and compassion then they are given credit for these days.

Here at Dying Dahlia Review, we welcome all voices with the exception of voices filled with hate and discrimination and cruelty.  We do not have the patience or tolerance for those who choose to spend their lives being cruel to one another.  Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, their own thoughts and views.   But being that as it may, we believe in empowering women – hearing their voices and stories and sharing their art.  I wouldn’t have started this journal if I didn’t believe that women’s voices are amazing and unique.

So here is my plea to you:  I want to hear your voice.  More now than ever.  Dying Dahlia Review  wants to hear voices from all women: women of color, women from the LGBTQ community, women from around the world, and above all, women who have something profound to say.

With all that being said, our submissions have opened for our 2nd ebook, the Summer 2017 edition.  So send us your very best poetry, flash fiction and art. Check out our guidelines for complete details.

I’ll leave you with these words by Maya Angelou.

“Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.”

Keep love in your heart.  And keep creating.

Much love,

Abbie Copeland

A Note from the Editor

Happy September everyone!

Summer is coming to a close. Time for pumpkin spice lattes, falling leaves and all that good stuff.  We will be taking a little break starting September 7 till the end of the month to sort through submissions, work on the ebook and get our *ahem* “stuff” together in general.  Keep those submissions coming! We will continue to read during the month of September, but no new work will be posted on the website during our break.

Also, we’ve extended our ebook deadline to October 1st!  So if you haven’t yet, send us your best poetry and flash fiction.

The ebook is coming along beautifully.  We plan to publish it in the beginning of December, and we will make the final announcement for the ebook date soon.  Thank you to our loyal readers and for all the wonderful submissions.


Abbie Copeland

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