April 24, 2018

Dearest Dying Dahlia Readers and Writers —

Just a quick announcement… Dying Dahlia Review will be on a semi-break for July & August. 

What does that mean?!

It means we will be enjoying the summer sun, lounging by the ocean, reading poetry books and drinking fancy drinks with umbrellas sticking out of them.  


No. Not really. Or at least not all summer.  All it means is Dying Dahlia will not be featuring new work on the site in July & August. 

Gasp! But… But…

However… we will still be reviewing and accepting submissions during that time. 


So, with that said, starting May 1st, all submissions received will be considered for Fall 2018.  

But what does that even mean??

That means any work that we accept starting May 1st will be published on our site sometime in the fall. 

Oh. Okay.

So… like always– let’s say it together, friends– keep writing, keep submitting and stay tuned for more Dying Dahlia goodness.

Much Love,

Abbie Copeland

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