Of Creativity Lost and Found – Sarah Bigham

Of Creativity Lost and Found

At our house, we make
cards, we don’t buy
them, mama said.
Taking time to create
something and write
your own words shows you care–
so much better than cards that are bought.

After gifts were exuberantly unearthed
I spied an aunt tidying
the party room, restoring
order to the family space. I watched
quietly as she sorted
through the celebratory debris, separating
the paper strewn
before her. Store-bought cards were stacked
and saved,
keepsakes. My carefully constructed
card was briefly eyed,
and thrown
into the trash bag, along with torn
wrapping paper, sticky with tape, deemed

Decades later, I purchase
French honey-based paints in brilliant hues, beautifully tapered
brushes, and gaspingly expensive textured
sheets of cotton, filling
walls with exultant watercolors–unseen
paper treasures, that decorate
my home and never leave.

Sarah Bigham reads, teaches, and writes in Maryland where she lives with her kind chemist wife, their three independent cats, and an unwieldy herb garden.

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