Letter from the Editor


Dearest Dying Dahlia Readers and Writers —

DDR is off to a fabulous start this year! We have been receiving some wonderful submissions and featuring some great interviews with talented women writers in our newest segment, Women Writers We Love.

Speaking of love, let me share some… Dying Dahlia Review just celebrated its 2nd Birthday! *Hooray! Cake for everyone!* I’ve said it once (or a few dozen times) but let me say it again: thank you all for your love and submissions and contributions and for following along. From the beginning, we’ve wanted to feature creative women at their awesome-est (not a word, but just go with it) and we definitely have.  DDR is around because of all of you. So thank you dearest readers and writers.

Our future is bright and our passion for great writing and art will never end. But we need your help! While we love your writing submissions, we would be grateful if you could also help spread the word that we are looking for art submissions by women artists. This includes both art and photography.

Also, a special announcement to all of our past contributors– if you have recently had a book or chapbook published, let us know! We would love to share the news on our social media.  Feel free to tag us or shoot us an email.

So that’s all for now folks. We have new work and interviews coming, including a special interview and introduction from a new Dying Dahlia crew member that you won’t want to miss.

Keep submitting, keep reading and feel free to send us some love via email, social media, or carrier pigeon.

Much Love,

Abbie Copeland

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