Spillin Tea – Kristin Currin

Spillin Tea

I like my mens like I like my tea:

Hot for my lips and strong. Deep. Earthy,

Not too sweet!

Granny says she like her mens like solid wood:

Gnarly, with a distinct aroma.

Colorful. Rich,

Worth more dead than alive!

Truth is, my men are like my tea:

Too hot, I have to blow it to get anything out of it, and


Kristin Currin is a mindful spirit swimming in metaphysical pools with faith as her compass. Kristin’s cover: a 30s-something Cinderella breadwinner of biracial blended family. She’s published in California’s Best Emerging Poets: An Anthology. Kristin’s poetry expounds upon minutiae in nature; emotional abuse inside marriage; the contrast of reverent faith and sensuality; and the irony of a ‘woke’ black woman living in Southern California.

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