Songs Written for Everyone – Tiffany Belieu

and no one
said they heard you

like I did in all the songs
about other girls

you said shut up they don’t 
write songs about us 

but smiled and swayed
when I whispered 

your name is the sigh 
of long grass

sharp as glass bottle cuts
on the bare foot of               

summer, confetti left
longingly after a parade –

the things that stick and sting
and stay

you called them meaningless
words from an in-love tongue 

but I didn’t hear
over the music you make


Tiffany Belieu is working hard on her dream of writing. Her work is published or forthcoming in Back Patio Press, Q/A Poetry, Muskeg Magazine, Rabid Oak and The Mantle among others. She loves tea and cats and can be found @tiffobot on Twitter

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