Still with Me – Alarie Tennille

Still with Me

I coveted that chicken.
The tiniest animal
in the plastic barnyard full of cows,
pigs, sheep, and the more flamboyant
rooster. The hen looked little
even in my six-year-old palm
that I closed tight around her. I took
her home. My friend had
too many toys to notice.


I could hear her clucking in my coat
pocket on the drive home.
When only two, I had to apologize
for picking a neighbor’s daffodil.
This time I knew better.

I hid her in a drawer.
She scratched,
                trying to get out,
                                              to go home.

The next day I smuggled her
out for a walk. Dropped her
in the grass.

No good.

Peck, peck…

Can you hear her?

Alarie Tennille graduated from The University of Virginia in the first class admitting women.  She serves on the Emeritus Board of The Writers Place in Kansas City, Missouri.  Alarie’s latest poetry collection is Running Counterclockwise.  Please visit her at

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